Lessons Learned From Being Stupid

You probably didn’t notice, but my ISP shut down my website for a while yesterday. They notified me by email that my site was “causing performance problems.” My initial response was, “uh, if my 15 hits per day is bringing down your box, that’s not my problem.” But then they sent me a server log. Whoops. Turns out that it’s kinda hard for a single shared box to keep up with millions of requests for a large file. Who knew.

Lesson learned: don’t take shortcuts when writing software. Software usually lives for a long time, those shortcuts come back to haunt you. Of course I already knew this years ago, but did that stop me from taking the shortcut a couple years back that brought down my site yesterday? Of course not. So do as I say and not as I do, and take the long route next time.

My poor shared host. Kudos to my ISP for catching the problem and handling it. And for their very professional responses to me. They eventually turned me back on after traffic died down without my prompting. Nice!